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Whether you are an experienced software developer or just starting out, you’ve come to the right place. We explain debugging techniques with hands on exercises.

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Code with Confidence. Debug with Precision.

We explain modern debugging tools to help you debug faster

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Hands on Exercises

Learn by debugging actual examples. No boring textbook theories. Learn by doing with hands on examples. Sent to your inbox Monday through Friday.

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Simple & Easy Codespaces

No commands to run, no packages to download. Hit the ground running with our pre existing environments. We use GitHub Codespaces to share our examples through a unified experience. Debug code straight from your web browser.

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Enterprise Demo

Learn to debug with a fully functioning e-commerce web site. Our members get full access to our kubernetes environment hosting the application. Based on the cloud-native microservices demo application you'll work with a codebase written in over 7 languages.

Debug Locally Faster

Tutorials on debugging tactics for your local dev environment

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Advanced Breakpoints

Breakpoints can be useful but they can also be tedious. Conditional breakpoints enable breakpoints to be triggered at moments of interest such as when hit count or expressions evaluate to true.

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Hot Reload

When adjusting values during execution, hot reload enables developers to get instantaneous results, without having to recompile. This means significantly less time wasted between testing multiple values during execution.

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Interactive debugging

Using the command prompt within an IDE can give developers access to variable values, expression results and call functions on a break point with different values.

Reduce time spent troubleshooting production issues

Get Started
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Coming Soon...

Our dev team is hard at work building custom debug tools to assist developers

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DaaS - Debugging as a Service

Having issues tracking down that one edge case bug? Can't share your code? No problem! We use screensharing to help diagnose and fix your code on the spot.

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Break My Function

Why should you have to write you unit tests from scratch? Put your unit testing into overdrive. We've complied hundreds of edge scenarios designed to harden any function. Run it on your hardware or ours.

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Cloud Debugging

Trying to troubleshoot containerized code? Is your code being scrutinized when you are convinced it was an infrastrucuture issue? We show you how to debug at the infrastructure level for kubernetes environments.

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Pull Request Debugging

Is a co-worker asking you to review their code? Would it be 10x easier if you could just step through their code with the debugger?

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DevTools Demystified

Trying to debug a web application? Not sure what the inspector is capable of? We've got you covered. We go in-depth on how to get the most out of DevTools rich feature set so you spend less time troubleshooting.

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Even More Debug Tools...

While we are hard at work building the mentioned tools, we are always open to suggestions.  Contact us if you have an idea you'd like to share.

Have a debugging suggestion you wish to share?

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