Why debug.dev?

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Who are we?

Friendly engineers helping others troubleshoot & optimize their code.

Our Motivation

There is no question, most engineers love to solve problems. For us, the challenge of finding a solution to an unsolved problem that will benefit the lives of others, is most rewarding. The sense of accomplishment that follows hours of troubleshooting makes it worth the struggle.

Our Goal

To provide the training necessary to debug software in as little time as possible.

Our Motto

Learn by debugging. We help developers learn by doing. Unlike most courses that teach how to write code under optimal conditions, we teach how to handle troubleshooting code under real-world scenarios. Just like in a professional setting, our course is built upon a fully functioning code base written by multiple developers across several different languages. Debugging code is an essential skill to have for developing great software.

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Ready Set Debug...

Let's face it, most devs strive to learn latest languages and frameworks. Our goal is to equip devs with the tools they need for effectively debugging their code no matter the tech stack. Our mission is to enhance debug skills to produce quality, bug free code in as little time as possible.

When you look at the total time spent developing software, the majority of time ‘developing’; tends to be spent debugging or troubleshooting code to satisfy the requirements.

There has been a shift towards containerized environments such as Kubernetes. Most devs do not realize the how container orchestration impacts their source code. We want to change this. Debugging production issues in an orchestrated environment, requires more than simply starring at application logs. This is where observaility comes into play.

Debugging can be rewarding and having a solid debugging skillset could very well help you land your next job. What's more is that growing your debugging skillset can help you in other functional areas of life not related to coding at all. No matter what facet of life you are working with, possesing problem solving skills for finding solutions to nontrivial problems is a game changer. Having the skills and tools at your disposal to troubleshoot software under any constraints, will certainly take your career further.

Want to find out more reasons to enroll in our training? Checkout our FAQ page.

Our Principles

Strong values with a focus on excellence

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Be Innovative

Debugging is an art. Our sole mission is to help developers learn to debug their applications as quick and effectively as possible.

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Take Ownership

Code does not always behave exactly as anticipated. Knowing how to debug code you or someone else wrote is essential.

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Team Work

What good are DevTools if you don't know how to use them? We demonstrate how to use the best tooling available to debugging applications.

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Move Fast

Put yourself ahead of other developers for that next promotion by using our course to produce code with less bugs in less time.


Our application is comprised of over 11 micro-services hosted in an ultra lightweight K3s environment.


Our microservices are written in over 6 languages including Python, Go, Node.js, C#, Locust and Java.


We believe in the core concepts we teach and vow to re-invest up to 80% of the funds back into the program.

Years Experience

Our team of devs have all worked in the software industry for over 10 years.

Reduce time spent troubleshooting production issues

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